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Waymo’s Advanced Safety Feature Scans for Cyclists and Cars to Avoid Collisions


Waymo Launches Safe Exit Feature to Prevent Dooring Incidents

Waymo, the self-driving subsidiary of Alphabet, has launched a new feature to address dooring incidents. The feature, called Safe Exit, uses a suite of sensors to alert passengers when it’s safe to get out of the car by displaying a warning on screens located at the front and back of the car. Safe Exit also includes an audio warning that will notify passengers of an oncoming car, cyclist, or pedestrian. The company uses a combination of lidar, radar, and cameras to monitor the surroundings and detect any oncoming obstacles.

How Does Safe Exit Work in Autonomous Cars?

The Safe Exit feature is installed in Waymo’s autonomous ride-hailing service operating in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. The sensor system is integrated into the car’s software and runs continuously while the car is in motion. When the car arrives at its destination and comes to a halt, the system checks for any oncoming traffic or pedestrians. If any are detected, the screens at the front and back of the car will display a warning, accompanied by an audio alarm. This warning will only disappear when it is safe for the passengers to exit the car.

How is Waymo’s Safe Exit Different from Other Warning Technology?

Several other car manufacturers have already integrated a similar warning system to keep passengers safe. For instance, Kia has a Safe Exit Assist feature that notifies drivers if there is a car or a cyclist approaching. However, Waymo’s sensor system can see farther and provide an earlier heads-up, which the company claims will prevent dooring incidents.

What is Dooring?

Dooring is the practice of opening a car door without checking for any oncoming traffic or pedestrians. It can cause severe accidents and result in serious injuries or fatalities. According to statistics, dooring accounts for around 20% of all bicycle-related accidents in urban areas.

What Are The Benefits of Safe Exit Feature?

The Safe Exit feature will help prevent dooring incidents, making the ride-hailing experience safer and more secure. By providing a warning before passengers exit the vehicle, it also helps to build trust in autonomous ride-hailing services. This feature is especially useful for people with mobility issues, who often require more time to exit a car.


The launch of Waymo’s Safe Exit feature reflects the company’s commitment to passenger safety. As an autonomous vehicle manufacturer, Waymo is committed to ensuring that its rides are safe, reliable, and customer-centric. The development of Safe Exit adds an extra layer of protection and should provide peace of mind to anyone worried about dooring incidents.


1. What is Waymo?

Waymo is a self-driving car development company serving as a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

2. What is Safe Exit, and how does it work?

Safe Exit is a new feature from Waymo that uses a suite of sensors to alert passengers when it’s safe to exit the car. It works by displaying a warning on the front and back screens of the car. An audio warning accompanies the warning.

3. What are dooring incidents and how can Safe Exit help prevent them?

Dooring incidents occur when a person opens a car door into traffic, causing accidents. Waymo’s Safe Exit feature uses its sensors to check for any oncoming pedestrians, vehicles, or cyclists before allowing passengers to exit the car.

4. Which cities is Waymo operating in at present?

Waymo is operating its fully autonomous ride-hailing service in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles, with data gathered in these cities to help the company roll out in other places.


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