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Wake up in style with the sleekest E Ink alarm clock!

Wake up in style with the sleekest E Ink alarm clock!


Mudita Minimalist Alarm Clock – The Perfect Morning Companion to Boost Overall Wellness

Are you tired of your jarring and abrupt alarm clock rousing you from sleep every morning? If you’re looking for a sleek new upgrade that’s packed with smart features and has a minimalist design to blend in seamlessly with your decor, you might be interested in the Mudita range of alarm clocks.

This Kickstarter campaign introduces the new and improved Mudita Harmony 2 and Mudita Bell 2 minimalist alarm clocks, designed to enhance your mornings and wellbeing. These award-winning products come in a sophisticated black finish to duo as a functional art piece that complements your living space.

Main Features of Mudita Harmony 2

Eye-friendly Eink screen: The 2.84” E Ink display with a resolution of 480×600 and 16-bit grayscale is easy to read in normal light, offers a paper-like and analog feel, doesn’t cause eye strain, fatigue, and makes it a great product not only for sleepers but also for studious individuals.

Soothing Alarm Sounds: Mudita lets you wake up to gentle and natural alarm tones inspired by nature, including bird chirping, ocean waves, or peaceful forest sounds that give you the much-needed boost to kick start your morning and increase your productivity throughout the day.

Customized Front light: The front light has a Kelvin color temperature scale of 2700 K, producing warm light that doesn’t affect your sleeping cycle and is not disturbing to the eyes.

Pre-wake-up tone & light: Mudita Harmony 2 lightens up with a warm light 10 minutes before the alarm rings, and it comes with a gentle sound that stimulates your subconscious mind, ensuring that you wake up in peace and fully rested.

Early bird Pledges

The Kickstarter campaign is currently underway, and early bird pledges are available for roughly $65 or £55, offering a 35% discount off the typical retail price and for limited time only.


If Mudita Harmony 2 raises its required pledge goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to commence in July 2023.

Promotional Video

Check out this promotional video to learn more about Mudita Harmony 2 and Mudita Bell 2 – Minimalist Alarm Clocks that Simplify Your Mornings and Improve Your Well-being.

FAQ Section

Will Mudita Harmony 2 alarm clock disturb my sleep?

No, Mudita Harmony 2 has a customized front light that produces minimal disturbance to your sleeping cycle, allowing you to check the time in the middle of the night with no interruptions.

How does the pre-wake-up tone and light feature work?

Mudita Harmony 2’s pre-wake-up feature lightens up with a warm light 10 minutes before the alarm rings while the gentle sound stimulates your subconscious mind, gently preparing you to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

What are the benefits of using Mudita Harmony 2 alarm clock?

Mudita Harmony 2 is designed to simplify your mornings and improve your well-being. It offers an eye-friendly Eink screen, soothing alarm sounds, pre-wake-up tone & light, and a customized front light that produces minimal disturbance to your sleeping cycle.

Can I earn any discount while purchasing Mudita Harmony 2?

Yes, you can avail of an early bird pledge which is currently available for approximately $65 or £55, offering a discount of 35% off the typical retail price for a limited time only.


The Mudita Harmony 2 minimalist alarm clock offers a perfect balance of elegance, functionality, and health benefits, making it an excellent choice for modern homes. It aims to provide you with a peaceful wake-up experience, significantly reducing stress levels, and boosting overall wellness. The project has already received ample support and multiple awards, which solidifies the product’s quality and performance. Invest now and upgrade your morning routine with the Mudita Harmony 2 alarm clock.


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