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Unlock Your Inner Potty Mouth with AI-Powered iOS 17’s Swear Learning Feature!

Unlock Your Inner Potty Mouth with AI-Powered iOS 17’s Swear Learning Feature!


Apple Announces Improved Autocorrect with AI at WWDC 2023

Apple has introduced an AI-powered upgrade to its autocorrect feature in iOS 17 at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in 2023. This new feature focuses on improving the accuracy of predicting the next words or phrases that the user might use. The autocorrect will also learn the frequently-used swear words of the user and personalize over time.

The Technology Behind the Improvement

The new and improved autocorrect feature uses a Transformer model, which has been the go-to architecture for AI reasoning tasks since 2017. The model has been successful in summarizing documents, classifying objects in images, generating music, analyzing proteins, and now, it is being taught to learn swears.

Personalization Based on User’s Frequently-Used Words

Apple’s new autocorrect feature has been designed to personalize itself based on the most frequently-used words of the user. The autocorrect technology will be able to remember commonly-used words and suggest them whenever the user is typing a sentence. It will also be able to accommodate user-specific lexicon, including swear words.

Efficiency in Communication

The new autocorrect feature promises to enhance the communication efficiency of the user by reducing errors and predicting what the user intends to articulate. This would simplify the communication process by lessening the time and effort required to proofread messages or emails.


The new and improved autocorrect feature in iOS 17 promises to be a significant upgrade in terms of efficiency and personalization. The integration of artificial intelligence allows for better prediction and memory, resulting in enhanced communication. The feature’s customization feature will allow for more personalized autocorrect results.


What is the Transformer Model?

The Transformer is a type of AI architecture that is being used for complex reasoning tasks. It is known for its capability to classify objects in images, summarize documents, and even generate music since 2017.

Can Autocorrect feature learn swear words in iOS 17?

Yes, the improved Autocorrect feature in iOS 17 can learn swear words and will be able to personalize predictions over time based on the user’s frequently-used words.

Will the new Autocorrect feature be able to personalize results?

Yes, the new Autocorrect feature is personalized based on the user’s frequently-used words. This would result in more personalized Autocorrect predictions for each user.


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