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Unleash Your Inner Super Mario! Movie Cast Reveals Mind-Blowing Mushroom Powers

Unleash Your Inner Super Mario! Movie Cast Reveals Mind-Blowing Mushroom Powers


The Cast of Super Mario Bros. Movie Breaks Down Mario’s Power-Ups

If you’re a fan of the Super Mario Bros. movie, you know that there’s more to Mario’s power-ups than just the iconic red mushroom. In fact, the cast of the movie recently went ahead and explained some of Mario’s other power-ups, including a very special mushroom that is sure to bring about some laughter.

The movie’s protagonist, Mario (played by Chris Pratt), has a lot to learn about power-ups throughout the film. While characters like Princess Peach (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) are well-versed in power-ups, Mario is just beginning to understand how they work. On the surface, it’s as simple as punching question mark blocks and obtaining whatever they give you. However, not all power-ups are necessarily helpful.

Head of story Ed Skudder explains that some power-ups might not be what you need or want. The movie breaks down Mario’s power-ups to help the audience gain a better understanding of each one.

Exclusive Clip: Blue Mushroom Get You Small

In a recently released clip, the cast explains the effects of the blue mushroom power-up. Blue mushroom get you small, says one of the actors while laughing. The clip then shows a series of scenes featuring a tiny Mario, who gets absolutely destroyed by King Kong (voiced by Seth Rogen). Even though the actor Charlie Day jokes that he would eat a mushroom that made him taller, there’s no guarantee that all power-ups will be beneficial.

The absurdity of these power-ups is what makes the film so entertaining. The Super Mario Bros. movie brings a fish-out-of-water concept to a fantastical world. Mario’s only just learned how to use all of the power-ups, states Taylor-Joy. It’s just so funny.

Where to Watch Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. movie is available for purchase or rent digitally, on DVD, and on 4K and Blu-ray formats. Whether you’re a fan of the original game or just enjoy a good laugh, the film is a must-see.


What are power-ups in Super Mario Bros.?
Power-ups in Super Mario Bros. are special items that Mario can collect to gain additional abilities or improve his stats. Some of the most well-known power-ups are the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman.

What is the blue mushroom in Super Mario Bros.?
The blue mushroom in Super Mario Bros. is a power-up that shrinks Mario down to a tiny size. While this power-up has its uses, it can also make the game more difficult as enemies become tougher to avoid.

Where can I watch the Super Mario Bros. movie?
The Super Mario Bros. movie is available to watch on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD formats. It is also available for purchase or rent digitally.


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