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Unleash Your Epic Ride: The Ultimate Guide to Snagging Your Diablo 4 Horse Mount

Unleash Your Epic Ride: The Ultimate Guide to Snagging Your Diablo 4 Horse Mount


Diablo 4 has introduced new features, including mounts, to its Action Role-Playing Game for the first time. Adding mounts to the game is a significant improvement as they make journeying through Sanctuary much easier and faster. However, unlocking mounts is not easy, and players have to complete particular quests to get them. This article aims to help those struggling with acquiring mounts in Diablo 4 by providing necessary steps and details to follow.

Steps to Get a Mount (Horse) in Diablo 4

During the beta launch of Diablo 4, limited information was available about how to get mounts, but now players have a clear idea of the requirements for unlocking mounts. For the first time, the action-roleplaying game Diablo 4 features rideable mounts as compared to the different biomes across the various acts in the first game that didn’t feature this add-on. Once players finish the first three acts in Diablo 4, they can unlock mounts by starting the priority quest called Donan’s Favor, which can only be completed in Act 4.

Here are the following steps to follow to unlock mounts in the game:

  • After finishing the first three acts, the players will have to return to Kyovashad and talk to Donan by following the quest marker to his location.
  • When at Kyovashad, talk to Donan and progress through the quest. Before leaving, Donan will ask the player if they have access to the stables and grant them access.
  • Go to the horse icon on the map at Kyovashad to reach the stable and talk to the Stable Master.
  • Following these steps will give players access to the horses in the game.
How to Get a Mount (Horse) in Diablo 4

How to Customize Mounts in Diablo 4

Once the player has access to the mounts, they can begin customizing the appearance of their mounts. Mount customization is an exciting feature, and players can put armor on their horses and change how they look. Horse skins are also available in the in-game shop as a part of the game’s battle pass. However, horse armor DLC was made fun of in the industry previously. These items are purely cosmetic and do not provide any advantage in battles in-game.

  • Diablo 4 stable mounts
  • Diablo-4-stable-mount-armor

Furthermore, players can also add trophies to their mounts. While there was no way to get trophies during the beta, we can expect that killing world bosses in-game might provide players with one.

Diablo 4: List of Mount Skills

The game’s first gameplay revealed that players could use mounts extensively. In the launch, players can use a unique attack against enemies when they are on a mount. The skills have a 10-second cooldown, and each class has a different animation and attack pattern from the mounts.

Here are the five classes and their respective mount skills:

  • Bounding Slam (Barbarian): The Barbarian jumps off of the horse and strikes twice on the ground, damaging all the enemies in the AOE.
  • Volley (Rogue): Rogue brings down a rain of arrows that follows a straight line after jumping off of the horse. These arrows start off a little farther away from the horse, so start the skill earlier.
  • Bone Spikes (Necromancer): Necromancer jumps from the horse and slams on the ground, erupting spikes in the process.
  • Freezing Wake (Sorcerer): The sorcerer jumps off of the horse as a wisp of ice, damaging enemies in the process.
  • Pummel (Druid): Druid jumps off of the horse as a Werebear and slams the ground, dealing AOE damage in the process.