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Unleash Your Creativity: DIY iMessage Stickers Now Available in iOS 17!

Unleash Your Creativity: DIY iMessage Stickers Now Available in iOS 17!


Apple’s iOS 17: A New Era of Fun Features

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 17, has brought a lot of new features to its system apps that are not only fun to use but also immersive, fresh, and innovative. The Phone app now allows you to set full-screen photos for the caller screen through a feature called Contact Posters. Similarly, the Messages app now lets you create stickers by choosing any image from your photos with just a few taps. Compared to the previous tedious process of relying on third-party apps and removing backgrounds from photos, iOS 17 has brought this functionality to its system app, enabling users to create their own stickers with ease.

Creating Custom Stickers from Photos in iMessage

If you have the iOS 17 beta version, creating your own stickers is simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open iMessage and select a chat

Open iMessage and select the chat where you want to send your custom sticker. Click the + sign on the left of the text box.

Step 2: Select Stickers

Select Stickers from the popup menu that appears.

Step 3: Click the Add sign

Click the + sign at the top left corner of the menu to add a new sticker.

Step 4: Select the photo you want to use

Select the photo you want to make a sticker of from your Photos gallery.

Step 5: Add the sticker

Click the Add Sticker option at the bottom right corner.

Step 6: Customize your sticker

The sticker will be added with three options: Rearrange, Add Effect, and Delete. You can customize your sticker by selecting Add Effect. There are four different effects to choose from.

Step 7: Choose an effect

Select your favorite effect from the four available options.

Limitations of iOS 17 Stickers

It’s important to note that iOS 17 stickers are only visible to the receiver if they also have iOS 17.


1. Can I only create stickers from photos on iOS 17?

Yes, iOS 17 is the only operating system that allows you to create custom stickers from photos.

2. How can I create a custom sticker?

To create a custom sticker on iOS 17, open iMessage, select a chat, click the + sign, select Stickers, add the photo you want to use, add the sticker, and customize it with an effect.

3. Can anyone see iOS 17 stickers?

iOS 17 stickers are only visible to other iOS 17 users.


In conclusion, iOS 17 has brought a lot of fun features to the system apps that not only allow for more immersive experiences but also provide innovative and easy-to-use functionalities. The creation of custom stickers from photos in iMessage is one such feature. With just a few taps, users can create personalized stickers without relying on third-party apps or complicated editing. So why not give it a try and have some fun creating your own stickers?


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