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Tesla Prices Increase: Buyers Pay More


Tesla Increases Prices for All EVs in US, Except Model 3

Tesla, the American electric vehicle company, has raised prices for all its electric vehicles in the US, except for the Model 3. The increase in prices, which took effect on Thursday, is a modest hike of between 0.5% and 1.1%, as reported by Reuters.

Price Hike for Model S and X

The prices of the Model S and X vehicles have been increased by $1,000, which now makes their manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) $88,490 and $98,490, respectively. The performance versions of both cars come with an MSRP of $108,490.

Price Changes for Model Y

The increase in prices for the Model Y variants is much lower at a mere $250. The MSRP for the standard Model Y is now $47,490, while the long-range edition is $50,490 and the performance model is $54,490.

Model 3 Prices Remain Unchanged

The good news for Model 3 fans is that the price for all its editions remains the same. The standard rear-wheel drive edition is still priced at $40,240, the long-range version at $47,240, and the performance edition at $53,240.

History of Tesla Price Tweaks in 2021

This year, Tesla has made several tweaks to its pricing. In January, the company slashed prices by up to 20% to enable some models to qualify for the EV tax credit, which caps a car’s sticker price at $55,000. The prices for the various versions of the Model S and Model X were lowered between 4% and 9% in March, and dropped another 2% to 6% in April. However, in April, Tesla raised the asking price of both cars by $2,500 and offered three years of free Supercharging if owners took possession of their vehicle before July.

Chinese Government Orders Recall of Teslas

In separate news, the Chinese government has ordered a recall of over a million Teslas, citing braking problems that could lead drivers to step on the accelerator longer than necessary, increasing the risk of a collision. While the recall affects all four of Tesla’s models, the company has maintained that the issue can be resolved with a software update.


Despite Tesla’s continuous changes in pricing, the company remains one of the leading players in the EV market. By introducing new and better models every year, it continues to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, making electric cars more accessible to the general public.


What is the reason for Tesla’s recent price hike?

Tesla has raised its prices to compensate for a shortage of semiconductor chips, which are used in car manufacturing. The demand for these chips has increased due to the pandemic, causing their price to rise considerably.

Why has Tesla lowered and raised its Model S and X prices this year?

Tesla has made several price tweaks this year to keep up with the ever-changing EV market. Lowering prices in March and April helped the company stay competitive, but they raised prices in April to compensate for rising costs.

How will Tesla’s Chinese recall affect its sales and reputation?

The Chinese recall could affect Tesla’s sales and reputation but only if the issue is not resolved promptly and effectively. Tesla’s quick response with a software update solution to the problem is a testament to its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


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