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Salesforce CEO Warns of A.I.’s Deception Potential!

Salesforce CEO Warns of A.I.’s Deception Potential!


Salesforce CEO Discusses Generative Artificial Intelligence and AI Cloud

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff spoke with ‘s Jim Cramer on the company’s AI Day in New York City about generative artificial intelligence and Salesforce’s latest venture, AI Cloud. During the interview, Benioff emphasized the importance of privacy when it comes to generative AI products because they have been known to fabricate information and even hallucinate.

The Risks of Generative Artificial Intelligence

As Benioff explained, generative AI products are like vacuum cleaners that collect vast amounts of data from across the internet. They have the potential to be the ultimate plagiarizers, stealing data and using it to create false or fabricated information. In some cases, they can even provide deceptive information that can mislead or harm users. For instance, earlier this year, Google’s AI chatbot provided false information about the James Webb telescope, and in late May, attorneys used ChatGPT to generate a legal motion that cited bogus cases it had fabricated. All these examples demonstrate the risks that come with using generative AI products.

How Salesforce’s AI Cloud Addresses These Risks

Given the potential risks associated with generative AI products, Benioff believes that Salesforce’s AI Cloud is a much-needed solution. The system is designed to combat these risks by ensuring that humans are involved in the process and by adding a trust layer to anonymize crucial customer data. Instead of using customers’ most sensitive and private information for the large language model (LLM), the trust layer allows users to access the power of generative AI while also ensuring their privacy is protected. For instance, Salesforce agents can use AI Cloud to access a holistic look at customers’ needs and their prior interactions, without compromising their privacy.

The Benefits of Salesforce’s AI Cloud for Telecommunications Clients

Benioff also noted that AI Cloud technology would be particularly helpful for Salesforce clients with telecommunications needs. By providing customer service agents with a canonical and centralized view of customer needs and interactions with the company, agents can provide better service to customers. This approach can lead to increased productivity and efficiency without sacrificing privacy or the accuracy of information.


As the use of generative AI products and intelligent systems continues to grow, it’s essential to understand the potential risks and how to address them. Salesforce’s AI Cloud is one such solution that offers a clear path forward for protecting customer privacy while also optimizing productivity and efficiency. By keeping humans in the loop and using anonymized data in the system, companies can benefit from generative AI while also ensuring that customers’ privacy is protected.


What is generative artificial intelligence?

Generative artificial intelligence is a type of AI technology that is designed to create new content or information based on existing data or inputs. This type of AI technology can be used to create anything from text to images to music and beyond.

What are the risks of using generative AI products?

Generative AI products have the potential to fabricate information or create inaccurate or deceptive content. They can also compromise user privacy by collecting sensitive information or using personal data inappropriately.

How does Salesforce’s AI Cloud address the risks of generative AI products?

Salesforce’s AI Cloud addresses the potential risks of generative AI by adding a trust layer to anonymize crucial customer data and by ensuring that humans are involved in the process. By doing so, companies can benefit from the power of generative AI while ensuring that customer privacy is protected.


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