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Reddit CEO assures team that subreddit blackout is just a passing phase!

Reddit CEO assures team that subreddit blackout is just a passing phase!


Reddit Subreddits Going Private

Dear Snoos,

As of last night, approximately a thousand subreddits have gone private. While many of them are expected to resurface by Wednesday, our team faces a significant challenge. We foresaw this issue, but the strain on our infrastructure, dealing with community engagement, and the variety of problems caused by the blackout, require us to work around the clock. Thank you, team, for your tireless dedication.

Revenue Impact

So far, there has been no significant impact on our revenue. We will keep monitoring the situation and make necessary adjustments.

Dealing with the Noise

The current situation has caused a lot of noise, and it’s among the noisiest we’ve ever witnessed. Rest assured that our teams are dealing with it. Like all blowups, this too shall pass. We must remain focused, adapt to the upcoming challenges, and keep moving forward. Improving our product is the only long-term solution, but we also have crucial mod tool launches in the short term that we need to excel at.

Third-Party Apps

While several third-party apps, including Apollo and RIF, have stated their intent to shut down later this month, we are in talks with some other apps. We have an exemption for accessibility-focused apps, and we have agreements in place with RedReader and Dystopia.

Wearing Reddit Gear in Public

We urge you to be cautious while wearing Reddit gear in public as some individuals are upset, and we don’t want you to become a target.


Despite the challenge of the current situation, we are determined to work through it and continue offering a positive experience to our users. Our product remains our top priority, and we are committed to delivering it to the highest standards possible.


Why have subreddits gone private?

The subreddits went private in response to a protest against the lack of action regarding hate speech and misinformation on the platform.

Will the private subreddits come back?

Many of the subreddits are expected to resume normal operation by Wednesday. However, some subreddits may remain private for longer.

Will the revenue impact Reddit?

There has been no significant impact on Reddit’s revenue as of now. The situation is being monitored constantly, and the required measures will be taken if necessary.

What is being done to address the current issue?

The Reddit team is working around the clock to address the challenge presented by the private subreddits. Adaptation to infrastructure strains, engaging with communities, and responding to various issues related to this blackout are being dealt with by the team.

Are there any updates on the third-party apps?

Discussions are underway with a few of the third-party apps that have not yet decided to shut down. However, apps that focus on accessibility, including RedReader and Dystopia, have already been exempted from this blackout.


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