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PS5’s Remote Play Portable set to launch in November


Project Q – Sony’s Upcoming Handheld Streaming Companion

Sony has recently revealed Project Q as a handheld streaming companion to the PS5, which is expected to release this year. According to a notable newsmaker, the release of Project Q may come even sooner than expected.

November Release Rumor

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has reported that Project Q, previously known by the codename Q Lite, will supposedly be released in November. While Henderson and Insider Gaming have been trustworthy in the past, it’s important to remember that plans can change and nothing is set in stone.

Portable Offering from Sony

Project Q is the latest offering from Sony’s line of portable gaming devices. It is designed to work alongside the PS5 and stream games to the device. The device is still new, and there is much to learn about its capabilities.


What is Project Q?

Project Q is Sony’s forthcoming handheld streaming device that is designed to work with the PS5.

When is Project Q’s expected release date?

While previously it was announced that the release of Project Q would be in 2021, a new rumor suggests the device may be released this November. Already available on the market are Sony’s other handheld devices, PS Vita and PSP, which garnered worldwide attention.

What type of games can be played on Project Q?

Project Q is designed to work with the PS5, allowing users to stream their favorite PS5 games on the handheld device.


Project Q is an exciting new offering from Sony, allowing gamers to play their PS5 games on a portable device. While the exact release date is yet to be confirmed, the November release rumor suggests that fans may be able to get their hands on the device sooner than expected. Stay tuned for more updates on Project Q.


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