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Previewing Alone in the Dark on FrostRift



The survival horror genre has come a long way since Alone in the Dark. Released in 1992, this game was one of the pioneers of limited resources and investigative adventuring. Recently, Pieces Interactive announced that they are remaking this classic game with a new star-studded, atmospheric take, promising to deliver the classic horror plot to modern audiences. Mikael Hedberg, the writer and director of Amnesia and Soma, is heading up the development team, and the publisher THQ Nordic also shared their thoughts on the game during a press Q&A session. This is a remake that fans of the original will be eagerly anticipating.

The Story of Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark is set in a deeply haunted Louisiana Bayou around Derceto. David Harbour, known for his role in Stranger Things, will play the role of detective Edward Carnby. On the other hand, Jodie Comer, from Killing Eve, will portray Emily Hartwood, who hires Carnby to investigate the fate of her uncle while prying deeper into her family’s secret, the “Hartwood Curse.” Pieces Interactive promises to deliver a faithful remake of the original game, retaining many of its classic elements, including melee combat, which involves carving up Ghouls with a sword rather than wasting bullets.

Design Elements of the Remake

The game’s original design was groundbreaking and has been emulated by numerous titles ever since. The fixed camera for a 3D space and the investigative angle of the story were Alone in the Dark’s creation. Resident Evil, one of the most prominent games in the survival horror genre, borrowed many elements from Alone in the Dark. The remake pays homage to these design elements while incorporating new concepts unique to the game. The over-the-shoulder camera will undoubtedly improve navigation and monster hunting.

The Importance of Setting

The Louisiana Bayou is a setting rife with traditions, history, and folklore. The Southern Gothic genre is older than the survival horror genre, and Alone in the Dark draws heavily from it for its setting. The developers plan to expand on the local historic traditions and connect the story more deeply to Voudou, among other things. Additionally, Mikael Hedberg references the 1986 psychological thriller Angel Heart to add to the game’s already oppressive atmosphere.

The Role of Music

Music is intertwined with the Louisiana Bayou’s culture and history, and the Alone in the Dark remake stays true to that. The game’s music direction comprises a modern European twist on jazz: Doom Jazz, metal-infused ambience. Notably, the developers have enlisted Doom Jazz legend Jason Köhnen, whose contributions to the game’s sound design will be incredibly powerful. The game’s music perfectly complements its noir tone and ambience, elevating the gaming experience.


The Alone in the Dark remake looks like it will deliver an exciting and faithful take on the original game. With a plentiful array of nods to the original but unique modernizations added, the team behind the game appears to be the right group to bring this classic horror game back to life. Fans of the original game and new gamers alike should keep an eye on the game’s release and consider downloading The Grace in the Dark, the free prologue to the game, in anticipation.


What is Alone in the Dark?

Alone in the Dark is a horror game that was first released in 1992. It is widely regarded as the game that kickstarted the survival horror genre, with its limited resources, atmospheric setting, and investigative gameplay.

Who is behind the remake of Alone in the Dark?

The remake of Alone in the Dark is being developed by Pieces Interactive, with Mikael Hedberg, the writer and director of Amnesia and Soma, at the helm of the development team.

What are some of the design elements of the original game that will be retained in the remake?

The Alone in the Dark remake will retain many of the original game’s design elements, including the series’ classic melee combat, which involves carving up Ghouls with a sword rather than wasting bullets. The game will also feature a fixed camera for a 3D space and investigative gameplay elements.

What sets Alone in the Dark apart from other horror games?

Alone in the Dark is unique in its atmospheric setting, investigative gameplay, and limited resources. The game’s storyline is also often praised for its originality and depth, offering players a thrilling and immersive experience that still holds up today.


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