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Overwatch 2’s director shares why the game’s major PvE mode was scrapped.


Game Director Apologizes for Cancellation of Overwatch 2’s Hero Mode

Earlier this week, Overwatch fans were left reeling when game director Aaron Keller and executive producer Jared Neuss announced the cancellation of the highly-anticipated Hero Mode, one part of Overwatch 2’s PvE content. Hero Mode was meant to be a single-player version of Overwatch where players could upgrade individual heroes through talent trees.

A Gargantuan Vision

In a blog published by Keller himself, he offered an apology to the game’s community for the sudden cancellation of Hero Mode. He also shared that Hero Mode had been in development since Overwatch’s launch in 2016 and was part of the team’s vision for Project Titan.

Keller explained that as development continued on Hero Mode, the scale simply grew too big. The team was trying to accomplish too many things at once, and they lost their focus. Around 2019, Overwatch 2 was announced, and Blizzard began to internally focus on developing PvE content, which affected the game’s updates and releases.

Bifurcation of Release

Eventually, the team decided to bifurcate the release of Overwatch 2, with the competitive multiplayer part of the game releasing first in October 2022, and the PvE portion coming in 2023. Despite efforts to make all of their ambitions fit together, the team couldn’t, and the difficult decision to cut Hero Mode had to be made.

Apology and Disappointment

Keller took full responsibility for the cancellation of Hero Mode, acknowledging the disappointment of the Overwatch community and development team. He apologized to players and his team, recognizing that the decision was disappointing but necessary. Many fans expressed their disappointment and anger, with some even considering the cancellation of Hero Mode as the reason for the sequel’s delay.


Cancellations are an unfortunate part of game development, and Hero Mode’s demise is no exception. While it is disappointing, it is essential to acknowledge the monumental upheaval that the game and development team have undergone. In any case, the PvE portion of Overwatch 2 will still be released, albeit not in its full 2019 vision.


Q: What was Hero Mode in Overwatch 2?
A: Hero Mode was essentially a single-player version of Overwatch where players could upgrade individual heroes through talent trees, providing a deeply replayable version of PvE in Overwatch 2.

Q: Why was Hero Mode canceled?
A: According to game director Aaron Keller, the scale of the project grew too big, and the team lost focus. The decision to cancel the mode was necessary after efforts to make all ambitions fit together failed.

Q: When is Overwatch 2 releasing?
A: The competitive multiplayer part of the game is set to release in October 2022, while the PvE portion will come sometime in 2023.

Q: Who apologized for the cancellation of Hero Mode?
A: Game director Aaron Keller personally apologized to the Overwatch community and his team for the cancellation of Hero Mode. He took full responsibility for the decision.


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