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Overwatch 2: Heroes’ Ages Sound Impossibly Fictional!

Overwatch 2: Heroes’ Ages Sound Impossibly Fictional!


Overwatch 2’s Inconsistent Character Ages: A Complicated Timeline

Relating to a recreation like Overwatch 2, the story has been revealed by means of numerous exterior media tales, making it tough to piece collectively a cohesive narrative. In contrast to a standard online game marketing campaign, this methodology of storytelling brings about inconsistencies within the lore and timeline. Not too long ago, the official Overwatch web site up to date every hero’s web page to incorporate their canonical birthdate and age, shedding mild on their respective ages that do not fairly align with what we all know up to now.

The Discrepancies in Ages

Whereas some hero ages make sense inside the bigger timeline, comparable to Soldier: 76 and Ana being of their late 50s and early 60s, there are situations the place the ages really feel incongruous. For instance, the brand new assist hero, Kiriko, was launched as somebody who grew up and skilled alongside Genji and Hanzo. Nevertheless, in response to their official ages, Genji and Hanzo are 37 and 40, whereas Kiriko is barely 21. This age distinction turns into evident when taking a look at visuals just like the illustration of the three characters coaching collectively in Kiriko’s Origin Story trailer. The stark distinction raises questions in regards to the accuracy of those ages in relation to the lore.

One other instance of oddity and inconsistency is Sojourn, who’s listed as 47 years outdated. Her sister Valentine, launched within the spin-off novel Overwatch 2: Sojourn, would have needed to be 14 years outdated when giving delivery to Sojourn’s niece Bonnie. Whereas not solely not possible, it does appear extremely unlikely. These discrepancies in ages amongst characters generate confusion and disbelief amongst followers.

Pharah and Mercy: The Questionable Age Hole

One of many eyebrow-raising age questions in Overwatch includes Pharah and Mercy. Their relationship grew to become a canonical pairing when it was revealed that Pharah is a lesbian throughout the recreation’s first Delight occasion. Nevertheless, the official ages state that Mercy is 39 whereas Pharah is 34. This age hole appears a lot bigger when contemplating artwork of a younger Pharah standing with the unique Overwatch crew in Ana’s origin story. The huge distinction in look suggests a larger age distinction than simply 5 years.


With the ever-changing narrative of Overwatch through the years, it is comprehensible that the timeline and lore might not be hermetic. Whereas these inconsistencies elevate eyebrows and spark debates amongst followers, it is vital to do not forget that the story of Overwatch is extra about vibes and pleasure fairly than getting misplaced within the nitty-gritty particulars of the timeline. In the end, it is as much as the gamers’ interpretation and appreciation of the sport.


Q: Why are there inconsistencies within the ages of Overwatch 2 characters?

A: The story of Overwatch 2 has been revealed by means of numerous exterior media tales, resulting in inconsistencies within the lore and timeline. It is difficult to take care of a cohesive narrative when the story is trickled out by means of a number of sources.

Q: How do followers react to the discrepancies in character ages?

A: Followers have identified the inconsistencies and oddities in character ages, inflicting confusion and disbelief. It has sparked debates amongst followers who’re making an attempt to make sense of the age variations and the way they match into the bigger narrative of Overwatch 2.

Q: Are the character ages confirmed by Blizzard Leisure?

A: Sure, the official Overwatch web site up to date every hero’s web page with their canonical birthdate and age, indicating that these ages are supposed by the creators of the sport. Nevertheless, these ages do not at all times align with the visuals, lore, and story we all know up to now.


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