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Next Call of Duty game reveal set for early August


Call of Duty 2023 Set to Reveal in August via In-Game Event

The highly-anticipated 2023 edition of the Call of Duty franchise is reportedly planning to showcase its next entry in an in-game event due to happen in early August. This news comes from Insider Gaming, who also reported that the developer responsible for the project is Sledgehammer Games.

Previous Unveils via In-Game Events

This is not the first time that the publisher Activision has opted to reveal a new Call of Duty game via an in-game event. The previous entry in the franchise, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard were both revealed in this way.

Skipping the Annual Release Cycle for 2023

Last year, Activision announced they would be skipping their annual release cycle for Call of Duty in 2023. Instead, they opted to focus on an always-on live service mode. With this in mind, it’s likely that the upcoming release may contain a premium expansion to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II this year, which includes a campaign DLC and a multiplayer greatest hits map pack containing classics from earlier Call of Duty games.

Key Dates for Call of Duty 2023

Insider Gaming has revealed several key dates for the upcoming Call of Duty release, including:

Beta Sessions

Two beta weekend periods have been scheduled for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers. The first period, for PlayStation only, is expected to run from October 6–10. Meanwhile, the second period, which includes both platforms, is set to run from October 12 to 16.

Campaign Early Access

Campaign early access is expected to start on November 2, likely as a pre-order bonus.

Launch Date

The full Call of Duty 2023 game is slated to launch on November 10.

The Rotating Call of Duty Developers

Activision generally alternates Call of Duty development responsibilities between three main studios: Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games. The company broke the pattern last year by moving Treyarch’s planned entry from 2023 to 2024, which created a gap where the aforementioned Call of Duty Modern Warfare II extension comes into play.


With key dates revealed, gaming enthusiasts and fans of the franchise can now mark their calendars for the much-awaited Call of Duty 2023’s beta sessions and launch date. Although details of the upcoming title are still scarce, one can expect the title to be a blockbuster release, sure to make waves across the gaming community.


When is the Call of Duty 2023 release date?

The game is expected to launch on November 10, 2023.

Who is the developer of the Call of Duty 2023 game?

Sledgehammer Games is the developer of the upcoming Call of Duty game.

When will the Call of Duty 2023 beta sessions be held?

The first beta weekend period, specifically for PlayStation players, is expected to run from October 6–10. Meanwhile, the second weekend, which includes PC and Xbox players, is set to run from October 12 to 16.

What is the always-on live service mode for Call of Duty 2023?

Skipping the annual release cycle in 2023, Call of Duty opted to focus on an always-on live service mode that allows for new content releases periodically.

What does the Modern Warfare II extension offer?

The Modern Warfare II extension offers a standalone full-price title, serving as an extension that carries over maps and game modes from MW2.


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