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New ‘Nothing Phone (2)’ Boasts Enhanced Battery and July Launch



Nothing, a brand known for relying on word-of-mouth marketing, made waves with its Phone (1), a mid-range Android device that garnered attention for its cool exterior LEDs. Now, Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei has given a glimpse of the Phone (2) and when it will be released. However, he has been tight-lipped about other details regarding the phone.

Global Release in July

In a recent interview with Forbes, Pei stated that the Phone (2) will see a global release, including in the U.S., sometime in July. Though the official announcement has not been made, this release date is only a few months away. Pei did not divulge information on whether the phone would bring back the previous model’s eye-catching glyph LEDs.

Battery Life and Capacity

One of the nuggets of information we received from Pei is that the Phone (2) will have a battery capacity significantly larger than that of its predecessor. The new device is expected to have a 4,700mAh capacity compared to the previous version’s 4,500mAh. Though this is a decently sized battery for a mid-range device, its charging speed is still unknown. The Phone (1) had a decent battery lifespan and charging speed, though its battery life was shorter than flagship devices from other companies. The 4,700mAh puts it above something like the $500 Pixel 7A but below something like the high-end Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 5,000mAh. However, if the Phone (2) maintains its sub-$500 price point, it will still be a significant upgrade.

Mid-Range to High-End

It remains to be seen where the Phone (2) will fit on the spectrum of mid-range to high-end devices. In March, a Qualcomm exec revealed that the phone would have a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, which is a significant upgrade from the Phone (1). However, Pei insisted the phone will still be mid-range. Though he confirmed the phone would use the Snapdragon 8+, it is still unclear how the chip will be pushed to its limits, as it was with the Phone (1)’s Snapdragon 778G+.

Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Pei’s guerilla marketing tactics have proven to be effective in generating buzz around his company’s devices. Nonetheless, he has not given much detail about the Phone (2), so it is difficult to predict how well it will perform. According to Forbes, Pei believes that while the U.S. is an “Apple-dominated market,” there are still Android users who make up nearly 45% of the entire North American market seeking an alternative to Apple.


Nothing’s Phone (2) is expected to release globally in July, including in the U.S. Though the phone’s official announcement is yet to be made, the price point is rumored to remain under $500, even with significant upgrades such as a larger battery and a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. Pei’s guerilla marketing tactics have worked well for the company, but without more details on the Phone (2), nothing can be certain at this point.


When is the Nothing Phone (2) being released?

The Phone (2) is expected to have a global release in July, including in the U.S.

What is the expected battery capacity of the Phone (2)?

The Phone (2) is expected to have a 4,700mAh battery capacity, which is a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

What is the rumored price point of the Phone (2)?

Rumors suggest that the Phone (2) will maintain its sub-$500 price point.

Will the Phone (2) have the same marketing tactics as its predecessor?

Nothing CEO Carl Pei is known for his guerilla marketing tactics. Though he has not divulged many details about the Phone (2), it is possible that the same marketing strategies will be utilized.

Will the Phone (2) be a mid-range or high-end device?

Though the Phone (2) is expected to have a significant upgrade from its predecessor, including a larger battery and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, Pei insists that the phone will still be mid-range.


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