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Meet the Rising Star of Spider-Verse – Sun-Spider Takes the Web by Storm!

Meet the Rising Star of Spider-Verse – Sun-Spider Takes the Web by Storm!



The Spider-Verse fandom has created a variety of spidersonas that demonstrate the creative imagination of fans and artists who wish to be a part of Spider-Verse. One such spidersona, Sun-Spider, was recently introduced in the movie, Across the Spider-Verse, which has generated a lot of attention among fans. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about Sun-Spider, from her creation by cartoonist Dayn Broder to her inclusion in the new Spider-Verse comic book series and movie. Note: Spoilers for Across the Spider-Verse follow.

The Creation of Sun-Spider

In 2018, cartoonist Dayn Broder created an artwork featuring Sun-Spider, who is an ambulatory wheelchair user capable of kicking butt in her own modified way. Broder, who is also a disabled person, emphasized that they created Sun-Spider to represent people like themselves that face challenges but still find their way through life. Broder’s work caught Marvel’s attention, and soon, they were commissioned along with other spidersona artists to create new artwork for a Spider-Verse miniseries.

Sun-Spider’s Abilities and Characteristics

Sun-Spider is hyper-flexible, which is her primary advantage despite the drawbacks that come with it. She requires extra stability due to her hyper-flexibility, and so she uses crutches for support, which also function as web-shooters. Sun-Spider’s unique abilities and interesting backstory have made her a beloved character in the Spider-Verse fandom.

Sun-Spider’s Standalone Story

The 2022 Edge of Spider-Verse comic book series features an individual comic dedicated to Sun-Spider, written by Tee Franklin, with art by Jethro Morales. In the comic, Sun-Spider, also known as Charlotte Webber, navigates her high school prom, battles her universe’s Doc Ock, and ultimately joins forces with other spider-persons to protect the multiverse.

Sun-Spider in Across the Spider-Verse

Sun-Spider appears in Across the Spider-Verse, where Miles Morales encounters many spider-people from various dimensions. Sun-Spider, using her crutches to get around, playfully taps Miles’ shoulder, making fun of Spider-Man’s defense mechanism, which is humor. Comedian Danielle Perez, who is also a wheelchair user, provides the voice for Charlotte Webber in the movie, solidifying Sun-Spider’s presence alongside other notable Spider-Man figures like Ben Reilly and Jess Drew.

The Power of Representation

Sun-Spider’s inclusion in the comic book series and the movie has shown the power of representation in generating diverse characters and providing meaningful, relatable stories for all kinds of fans, including those with disabilities. By featuring Sun-Spider, Marvel and Sony have provided one such example of inclusivity in media that shows the positive impact of accommodating diverse experiences.


Sun-Spider is a fan favorite character that represents a different perspective in the Spider-Verse. Her origin story, unique abilities, and inclusion in the new comic book series, and the upcoming movie highlight the importance of representation in creating diverse and relatable characters. Sun-Spider’s story and impact demonstrate how disabled or differently-abled characters can be powerful figures and inspire audiences worldwide.


Who created Sun-Spider, and why?

Sun-Spider was created by cartoonist Dayn Broder in a response to Into the Spider-Verse. As a disabled individual, Broder wanted to create a superhero character that shares some similarities with them, an ambulatory wheelchair user who can kick butts in her way.

What are Sun-Spider’s abilities?

Sun-Spider is hyper-flexible, which allows her to move in unique ways. This hyper-flexibility comes with its drawbacks, so she requires extra stability and needs crutches to help achieve this stability. Sun-Spider’s crutches also function as web-shooters.

Why is Sun-Spider’s inclusion in the comic book series and movie significant?

Sun-Spider’s inclusion highlights the importance of representation in media, where diversity in storytelling prompts empathy and understanding among viewers. Sun-Spider can be a role model for people with disabilities and demonstrate that everyone can achieve greatness, regardless of their differences.


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