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Is Tesla’s Supercharger Network Ready to Power Top Car Brands?

Is Tesla’s Supercharger Network Ready to Power Top Car Brands?


Tesla Needs to Double Supercharger Network in Under Three Years

Tesla will have to double its Supercharger network in under three years or face the backlash of its customers. The automaker has agreed to open a large portion of its chargers to Ford and GM from next year onwards, to monetize its electricity infrastructure investment. However, given the increasing competition for charging space, opening the network risks upsetting existing and future owners. Therefore, the company must quickly expand its network to maintain its reputation as the most comprehensive and sleek charging network.

Current Status of Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla has the largest and most well-distributed network in the US, which utilizes some of the sleekest hardware and technology. However, given Tesla’s total fleet size in the US, only around 80 cars compete for a single charging stall. That low number means that wait times are minimal to non-existent most of the time, except for holidays and weekends at high-traffic locations.  Tesla’s vehicle-charger ratio is more than twice as good as its competitors combined, making it the most sought-after network in the country.

GM and Ford Deals Risk Hurting Tesla Owners

Currently, Tesla owners do not have to battle for charging stalls, but that is set to change with the deals Tesla has struck with Ford and GM. These deals allow the two manufacturers to use the network and throw doubt on Tesla’s vehicle-charger ratio. As more EVs hit the road from both manufacturers, Tesla owners could likely feel the pain in wait times for charging stalls. Given GM and Ford’s production targets, they could potentially be selling a combined 1.5 million EVs annually by 2025, with 2.5 million to 3 million vehicles on the road when combined with their current market presence. 

Tesla Must Expand its Network Fast

The upcoming competition from the two auto giants may result in a backlash against Tesla, which is why it needs to expand its Supercharger network at an unprecedented speed. Tesla must double its Supercharger network in under three years if it wants to continue to maintain its lead in the market. Failing to do so may lead to Tesla losing its reputation and market position.


Does the deal between Tesla and GM/Ford allow Tesla vehicles to access the other company’s fast-charging network for free?

No, the deal only opens up Tesla’s Supercharger network for GM and Ford drivers. Tesla drivers will still have to pay to use the other company’s EV charging stations.

Will Tesla still be investing in its Supercharger network despite the deals with GM and Ford?

Yes, Tesla will continue to expand its Supercharger network, but at a much faster rate. The company has stated that it will scale up the infrastructure to accommodate the influx of EVs on the road.

What is the timeline for Tesla to double its Supercharger network?

Tesla has not released a specific timeline for doubling its network, but it has hinted at rapid expansion. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, stated that the company aims to build more than 10,000 Superchargers worldwide by the end of 2021.

Will Tesla owners be able to use the Supercharger network as frequently as before once GM and Ford introduce their EVs?

No, with the introduction of more EVs, there will be more competition for charging stalls, resulting in increased wait times and reduced access to the Supercharger network. However, Tesla is working on expanding its network as fast as it can to maintain its lead in the market.


Tesla has a lot of work ahead of it if it wants to maintain its reputation as the most sophisticated and well-distributed fast-charging network for EVs in the US. With the deals it has struck with GM and Ford, Tesla risks losing its market position to its main competitors. The upcoming increase in competition for charging stalls on its Supercharger network means Tesla must step up its expansion efforts to accommodate the rising demand. Tesla must take immediate steps to double its Supercharger network in less than three years before it faces a backlash from its customers.


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