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Is Diablo IV Worth Your Time? Our Surprising (Not) Review Will Shock You!

Is Diablo IV Worth Your Time? Our Surprising (Not) Review Will Shock You!


Diablo IV Review: A First Taste

Diablo IV, the highly anticipated game from Blizzard, is set to launch soon, and reviewers have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the latest installment of the popular series. However, due to technical limitations and missing features, it’s not possible to give a full review of the game just yet. Instead, this review is a first taste of what players can expect from Diablo IV.

Technical Housekeeping

To get some technical housekeeping out of the way, I had no problem with actually playing the game. Logging in took less than five minutes, including two re-queues after I hit the widely reported “valid license bug.” However, the game is only available to players who preordered, so we won’t know if that “server slam” beta worked until everyone is trying to log in on June 6th.

First Impressions Matter

Diablo IV has captivated me, as it’s forcing me to come to a deeper understanding of myself in a way other games haven’t in order to appreciate it. Of course, every game requires a basic level of interest in order to be enjoyed. Though there are exceptions, if you don’t like open-world games and you try to play something like Assassin’s Creed, you’re probably not going to have the best time.

Unsettling Experiences

From the outset, Diablo IV’s five classes — barbarian, necromancer, sorcerer, rogue, and druid — didn’t matter to me. I neither looked up anything about them nor did any of them really stand out as an enticing option. I figured that no matter what class I chose, my experience would largely be the same — keep hitting “X” until the thing in front of me dies. However, I played as a barbarian, and it was drier than (choose up to three): [The Rock whenever he’s trying to promote his newest film / an actual sand-wich with a side of Popeyes biscuit and a tall glass of Jeppson’s Malört / the conversations between Leo DiCaprio and his girlfriend after midnight on her 25th birthday / the emotional depth of a David Cage game / Redfall’s gameplay.] I hated my time playing in the beta. I felt nothing but contempt for the game. The characters annoyed me, and the story didn’t move me. I felt like I was a mindless drone. It was awful.

A Better Experience

I shared my discontent with my husband, and he suggested that I play a sorcerer for the review period. And everything changed. It wasn’t because it was a suggestion from him, and I didn’t think much of it when I decided to give it a shot. There was no more complexity to the sorcerer than there was to the barbarian. However, I was far more invested in crafting a story for my sorcerer than I was my barbarian.

Customization and Player Choice

In an interview with Diablo IV’s developers ahead of launch, they talked about the importance they put on player customization. “The idea is you’re forging your own path to make your build,” Adam Jackson, Diablo IV’s lead class designer told The Verge. The class skill trees are intricate, with many branches and nodes representing different skills, passive abilities, and modifications to existing abilities. As a barbarian, I was just hitting things with an ax, and the skills I took didn’t feel like they added more depth. But with the sorcerer, I felt like I was building something new from the ground up.


Diablo IV went from a drudge completed only in service to my professional responsibilities to a pleasure I sought. There’s something in Diablo IV that will appeal to you, if you know enough about yourself to find it. I don’t know what that is yet, but in the coming weeks, I hope to find out and share it with you. The game launches on June 6th on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


1. Will Diablo IV be available on all platforms?
A: Yes, the game will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

2. What are the five classes in Diablo IV?
A: The five classes are barbarian, necromancer, sorcerer, rogue, and druid.

3. Do players have the ability to customize their characters?
A: Yes, players can customize their characters through intricate skill trees with many branches and nodes representing different skills, passive abilities, and modifications to existing abilities.

4. Are preorders required to play Diablo IV?
A: Currently, the game is only available to players who have preordered.


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