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Homeowners Shocked As They Discover Adorable Surprise Tied To Mailbox!

Homeowners Shocked As They Discover Adorable Surprise Tied To Mailbox!


Hercules the Dog Rescued From Tethered Leash in Southern California

Residents in a Southern California neighborhood heard a commotion in their yard in the middle of the night. At first, they didn’t think much of it until they heard a dog crying in the distance. They went out and found a big, white dog tethered to a long leash wrapped multiple times around their mailbox. When they couldn’t find his owner, they reached out to Logan’s Legacy, a dog rescue center.

The rescue partner, Tracey, rushed to the scene to unravel the dog’s leash. However, the dog would not let anyone come near him since he was very scared. With dedication and patience, Tracey slowly gained his trust and managed to remove the tethered leash. The rescued pup was later named Hercules.

Tracey then took Hercules to Camino Pet Hospital, where he received a full checkup.


1. The Rescue
2. Foster Family
3. Hercules Falls Sick

## The Rescue

Tracey faced some difficulties before freeing Hercules from the tethered leash. After gaining his trust, Tracey attached a new leash around his neck and removed the terrible leash he had been tied up with. Finally free, Tracey took Hercules to Camino Pet Hospital for a checkup.

## Foster Family

After a full checkup, Hall and her rescue partners started searching for a foster family for Hercules. Finally, they found a foster family who fell madly in love with the puppy. He even became close with the foster family’s dog, and he played with him in the yard. While at home, Hercules was usually found cuddling with his human foster sister.

## Hercules Falls Sick

Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived for Hercules as he developed kennel cough, a contagious virus. To protect his foster brother, he had to be removed from the home and brought back to the clinic. His foster family visits him often as he still receives treatment at the hospital.


1. Who is Hercules?
Hercules is a big, white dog rescues in Southern California.

2. Who rescued Hercules?
Tracey, a rescue partner from Logan’s Legacy, rescued Hercules from a tethered leash.

3. Where was Hercules taken after he was freed from the tethered leash?
Tracey took Hercules to Camino Pet Hospital, where he received a full checkup.

4. Did Hercules find a forever family?
No, his search for a forever home is still ongoing.

5. Is Hercules currently sick?
Yes, Hercules developed a contagious virus called kennel cough and is still receiving treatment at the hospital.

## Conclusion

Hercules, the rescued dog from St. California, was found tethered to a leash multiple times around a mailbox. After he was rescued, he was taken to Camino Pet Hospital for a full checkup. A foster family soon adopted Hercules, and he loved playing with his foster family, but unfortunately, he fell sick with a contagious virus. His search for a forever home is still ongoing. Suzette Hall and Tracey are both making sure that Hercules is given all the care and love he needs at Camino Pet Hospital.

To help pups like Hercules, make a donation to Camino Pet Hospital under Logan’s Legacy 29. If you’re interested in adopting Hercules, please reach out to Suzette Hall on Facebook.


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