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Google adds AI tools to Workspace


Google’s focus at its I/O developer conference this year is on Generative AI, with its Workspace productivity suite being a prime platform for showcasing its AI capabilities. Earlier this year, Google introduced new features for Gmail and Docs that allow users to write and rewrite text, and it plans to bring similar capabilities to Sheets and Slides. At the conference, Google announced the launch of automatic table generation in Sheets and image creation in Slides and Meet. Additionally, writing helpers are now available for Gmail and Google Docs on mobile.

The announcement from the company is not about a new AI-powered tool for creating formulas and analyzing spreadsheets, but rather a simpler feature. It is possible that such a tool is being developed for the future.

Using a few sentences, Sheets can now generate tables for you.

According to Aparna Pappu, Google’s VP and GM for Workspace, Sheets is a powerful tool but it can be overwhelming for most people. To make it easier, users can simply describe what they want to accomplish, such as creating a schedule for a small business, and Sheets will provide a personalized template and sample content. Pappu shared this information during a press briefing prior to the event.

Image Credits: Google

Regarding Slides and Meet, the feature for generating images works as anticipated. Users can input the type of visualization they require, similar to the process for Dall-E, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, or other comparable tools, and the tool will produce the desired image. Custom backgrounds are the intended application for Google Meet.

Image Credits: TechCrunch

The AI assistant of Google Docs has received a minor update that allows it to display smart chips related to locations and status based on the context of the user’s writing.

In the future, Google intends to incorporate a chat interface similar to Bard/ChatGPT into its Docs platform, as well as other services, to assist users with writing tasks. Although Bing can already provide this capability in the Edge sidebar, Google’s implementation will be more deeply integrated into Docs and its Workspace suite.

Google has named its AI features in Google Workspace and Cloud as ‘Duet AI’, which is the same name used for its AI features in Google Cloud. However, it is unlikely that anyone outside of Google will refer to it as Duet since it is not a unified product, but rather AI integrated across various services. Nonetheless, Google’s branding experts must have had their reasons for choosing this name. It should be noted that this is not the same as ‘AI Duet’, Google’s piano experiment from 2017.


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