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Delightful Surprise: System Shock Remake!

Delightful Surprise: System Shock Remake!


System Shock: A Comprehensive Remake Review

System Shock, a 1990s first-person shooter game, has now been remade by Nightdive Studios. The remake has been given a new visual style and some new gameplay elements without losing the original’s feel. It is a complex, sometimes frustrating experience that requires players to navigate through a labyrinthine multi-level structure. While surviving against enemies is straightforward, cracking the puzzles of Citadel Station is not. The game’s remake delivers an exciting feel of being pulled in several directions at once.


– Storyline: System Shock takes place in a retro-future in which the year 2072 looks like 1994 and is set mainly on the sinister megacorp TriOptimum’s space station, Citadel. The AI, SHODAN, is instructed to destroy humanity by a slimy TriOptimum executive who coaxes a hacker into flipping off the don’t be evil switch for SHODAN. The player is tasked with thwarting SHODAN’s plan and destroying her.
– Gameplay Experience: The remake of System Shock is nearly a beat-for-beat reproduction of the original, focused on navigating a labyrinthine multi-level structure where SHODAN always seems to be one step ahead. The in-game map is more detailed than before, but you can no longer type notes to remind yourself of codes or item locations. While the remake evokes classic System Shock combat, it requires players to backtrack to manage inventory space and recycling scrap materials.
– Visuals and Sound Design: The remake of System Shock leans hard into System Shock’s trademark corporate banality in Citadel Station, from its fake-looking wood paneling to its gratuitous high-tech buttons on furniture. Its enemies retain the high-concept weirdness early shooters excelled at. The game’s music is good, but it doesn’t match the driving techno earworms of the original game.
– Comparisons to the Original: The original System Shock was less widely remembered than its sequel and spiritual remake, BioShock, but it has a distinctive feel that none of its successors reproduced. The remake feels visually different but retains the same levels. It offers players new gameplay elements and an updated visual style but still delivers on System Shock’s original feel.
– Difficulty Level: The gameplay of the System Shock remake is a bit frustrating and complex. It can take up to 25 hours to complete the normal-difficulty mode, and the hardest mode requires players to complete the game in five hours. The in-game map is detailed, but it cannot replace the notes that players could take in the original game.


The remake of System Shock is a complex and fun experience that requires players to navigate a maze of levels while completing SHODAN’s objectives. Even though the new game offers several new gameplay elements and an updated visual style, it still retains the original’s feel.


1. Is the System Shock remake harder than the original game?
The System Shock remake is harder to complete than the original game but still retains its feel.

2. How long does it take to complete the game?
The normal-difficulty playthrough of the System Shock remake takes about 25 hours.

3. Is there a difference between the levels of the original game and the remake?
While the remake’s levels are not a one-to-one copy of the original game, they are often extremely similar.

4. What is the recycling system in the game?
The recycling system is a new gameplay element in which you can pick up Citadel’s junk and recycle it for big gold novelty coins that let you purchase optional weapon mods.

5. Is the game’s music better in the original than in the remake?
The game’s music is good in the remake but doesn’t match the driving techno earworms of the original game.


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