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Could an AI outperform Big Sam in motivating players to beat West Ham?


Leeds United manager Sam Allardyce recently opened up about his concerns over Artificial Intelligence (AI) ahead of their crucial match against West Ham this weekend. Allardyce worries what AI will bring to the world as social media has already shown its negative effects on players, such as striker Patrick Bamford, who received abuse after missing a penalty against Newcastle in their last match. Allardyce also expressed his concern about the future of employment as AI takes over jobs in various industries. The 68-year-old fears for his grandchildren and the world due to the impact of climate change.

Despite football managers not being replaced by AI anytime soon, the possibility of an AI mimicking Allardyce or other football managers cannot be ignored. So, how convincing an impression could an AI make? Here, we will explore some of the crucial duties Allardyce and other managers will have to undertake for their respective matches and see what ChatGPT would recommend.

How to motivate Patrick Bamford?

As the Leeds United Manager, we imagine this is the question Allardyce is pondering before their match against West Ham. ChatGPT suggests that the best approach to motivating Bamford is to encourage him and reassure him that missing a penalty does not define his character or sports ability. Allardyce should remind Bamford of his potential and point out that he has contributed significantly to the team this season. Additionally, ChatGPT suggests that Allardyce should challenge Bamford with healthy competition within the team or against other players to stimulate his drive to excel. Finally, it is crucial to understand Bamford’s individual needs, goals, and aspirations to motivate him effectively.

How to beat West Ham?

To increase their chances of beating West Ham in the upcoming match, Allardyce and his team need to analyse the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses to develop a suitable game plan. ChatGPT advises that teams can use defensive organisation, exploit set pieces, quick counter-attacks, pressuring their midfield, or targeting defensive vulnerabilities. It is critical to note that each game is unique, and strategies should be tailored to the specific strengths and weaknesses of both teams.

Team Talk from Allardyce

Allardyce needs to address his team before the crucial match against West Ham and assure them that they have the power to control their fate and secure their place in the league. ChatGPT recommends that Allardyce should emphasize unity and teamwork. He needs to instruct his team to support each other, communicate well, and be a collective force that cannot be broken. It’s essential to remember that in football, success goes beyond just skill and talent but also depends on heart, desire, and determination.


In conclusion, football managers’ duties go beyond just tactics and game plans; they must motivate and inspire their players to perform at their best. Artificial Intelligence may not take over football management anytime soon, but it’s essential to consider its impact on the world and future employment opportunities. ChatGPT has suggested some key approaches for Sam Allardyce to undertake for his upcoming match against West Ham.


1. Will AI replace football managers anytime soon?
No, AI is not advanced enough to replace football managers.

2. How should a manager motivate a player that missed a crucial penalty?
A manager can motivate a player by reminding them how much they have contributed to the team, reassuring them that one missed penalty does not define their sports ability, and challenging them with healthy competition.

3. How can a team beat West Ham?
A team can beat West Ham by analysing their strengths and weaknesses, devising a suitable game plan, and applying strategies such as defensive organisation, exploiting set pieces, quick counter-attacks, pressuring their midfield, and targeting defensive vulnerabilities.

4. What is the importance of unity and teamwork in football?
Unity and teamwork are essential in football as the sport goes beyond just skill and talent. Success depends on heart, desire, and determination, and a team that works together can achieve more than just what individual players could.


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