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Blaseball Catches Fatal Strike – The Game is Over!

Blaseball Catches Fatal Strike – The Game is Over!


Blaseball: The Unhinged Sports Simulation Shuts Down

The Game Band, the developers of Blaseball, have announced that the game is shutting down due to financial constraints. The developers stated in a blog post that the amount of work it takes to keep Blaseball operational, while financially supporting the team and keeping the staff healthy, has become unmanageable.

Layoffs and Support for Affected Workers

The studio will be proceeding with layoffs, although the number of developers affected was not specified in the blog post. The Game Band, however, has committed to going the extra mile in supporting laid off employees. The laid-off staff will receive severance, healthcare extensions, and job search resources, with a dedicated staff member for job placement.

What is Blaseball?

Blaseball is a game that takes place on a website that looks like a pretty standard baseball stat-tracking page. You pick a favorite team from a list of fictional ball clubs with names like ‘Kansas City Breath Mints,’ then bet on games with fake money, and spent resources to vote for rule changes across the league between seasons.

The Strange World of Blaseball

The simple statistics of Blaseball gave way to some very strange stories. Weather effects like ‘birds’ or ‘jazz’ could have ridiculous effects on the games. Players could die and be resurrected, returning to play as undead entities. There was a fight against a peanut god early on. A robust fandom ensued, with enthusiasts drawing fan art and creating elaborate backstories for players that became their own sort of canon on the Blaseball Wiki. Fans created their own news networks dedicated to the game, and even hosted live commentary in the style of sports broadcasts through Twitch.

Thank You to Fans

The Game Band expressed their gratitude to fans of Blaseball, who have cheered and cried with them over the years. They hailed the fans as having been one of the great joys of their lives in making Blaseball for them. The announcement concluded with a heartfelt message that the studio will grieve the loss of Blaseball together with the fans.


What caused the shutdown of Blaseball?

The shutdown was caused by financial constraints, as the burden of operating Blaseball while sustaining the team and maintaining staff health was deemed too high for the developers.

What happens to the staff who were laid off?

The laid-off staff will receive severance pay, healthcare extensions, and job search resources, including a dedicated staff member to secure job placements for them.

What was Blaseball about?

Blaseball was a sports simulation game that took place on a website resembling a baseball stat-tracking page. Players picked a favorite team, placed bets with fake money, and voted for rule changes ahead of each season.

What made Blaseball unique?

Blaseball’s simple introduction gave way to some very strange stories, with weather effects like ‘birds’ or ‘jazz’ having ridiculous effects on the games and players dying and returning as undead entities. Enthusiasts drew fan art and created elaborate backstories for players, creating their own fandom that became a unique part of the Blaseball experience.


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