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Billy Corgan Shares Views on AI Music


Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins Shares His Opinion on AI in Music

In a recent interview with DJ Zach Sang in May, Billy Corgan discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) will change the music industry as a whole. Corgan believes that once young artists figure out that they can utilize AI to write better songs, they won’t spend time cultivating their craft through years of practice. Corgan thinks that AI will change the music industry forever.

Corgan’s Opinion on AI’s Effect on Songwriting

When asked about AI canceling out “great art,” Corgan didn’t give a straightforward answer. Instead, he argued that the use of AI for songwriting could serve both positive and negative outcomes. He believed that ultimately art will come down to discernment.

Corgan gave an example of how AI could still produce authentic music: “Hey, AI. Give me 50 beats from the 50 best rap songs of all time. Mmm, I like number 37.” According to Corgan, using AI to find inspiration isn’t “ripping it off, ” as artists have used their intuition for centuries to create work. It’s just that AI makes it more accessible to novices. Therefore, it won’t be about the technology or the use of AI in itself, but the artist’s ability to discern what AI presents them.

The Pros and Cons of AI

Corgan believes that AI’s main advantage in the music industry is that it allows young artists to create better, more successful music from the get-go than their predecessors, thereby closing the gap between the best and the worst in the music industry. However, he also expressed reservations that AI would eliminate the need for technical skills and hours of practice, leading artists relying solely on technology rather than their capabilities.


In conclusion, Corgan’s opinions regarding AI in the music industry may be seen as controversial. However, he doesn’t view the technology as a threat for music entirely. If carefully considered and integrated, AI could significantly benefit the music industry, allowing for more authentic music production concepts to emerge.


Q: Does Billy Corgan think that AI is the future of the music industry?
A: Yes, Billy Corgan believes that AI will change the music industry forever.

Q: Will AI cancel out great art in music, according to Corgan?
A: Corgan’s opinion is two-sided. He believes that art is about discernment and that ultimately, it could be about artists’ capability to discern what the AI presents them with.

Q: Does Corgan think that artists will rely solely on AI?
A: Corgan believes that since AI will make it easier for novices to create music, it may result in the elimination of technical skills, leading to an increased reliance on technology.


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