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ARC Raiders Transforms into Thrilling PvPvE Survival Shooter


Embark Studios Confirms ARC Raiders Shifts From Co-Op PvP to PvPvE Survival Extraction Shooter

Following a delay from its initial 2022 release to 2023, Embark Studios has officially confirmed that ARC Raiders is no longer the co-op PvP game it was intended to be. Instead, it’s now a “PvPvE survival extraction shooter.” The executive producer of the game, Aleksander Grøndal, took to to share this update with fans.

Grøndal also confirmed the opening of signups for the Closed Alpha test that’s scheduled for this summer. The studio initially delayed ARC Raiders to make sure that the game could reach its “fullest potential.” In addition, the team wanted to add a new PvP mode before the title’s launch.

Ultimately, the implementation of the new mode proved so enjoyable and effective that it led to a fundamental change in the game itself.

What is ARC Raiders?

ARC Raiders, in the words of its executive producer, “drops players into a lethal but stunningly beautiful future earth, with hair-raising moments of survival and suspense.” Players find themselves engaging in human versus machine, human versus human, and even themselves versus their own human nature. All of this takes place in a haunting landscape dotted with the remains of the past.

Exploring the Game’s Lore

Grøndal provided an excerpt from ARC Raiders’ lore that delves into the player’s role in the game. It reads, “People have fled to the underground colony of Speranza, seeking supplies to survive, and shelter from the machines. Demand for resources is at an all-time high. But getting those resources is a risky job, and it isn’t for everyone. But it is a job for you. That’s why you’ve enlisted as a Raider, scavenging for vital supplies that are scattered across the landscape. Everything from leftovers from yesterday’s run-in with ARC to the unlikely remains of a pinball machine.

“Out there, the stakes are high, and you will have to fight for your loot. Lethal ARC machines roam the surface. And there are no rules in Calabretta, so beware of other Raiders. With the traders in Speranza, trust is hard-earned and easily lost. You need to earn your keep. So don’t come back from a quest empty-handed. When you see another Raider chased by a swarm of ARC drones, do you go in for the kill? Do you lend a helping hand? Or do you hold back and feast on the valuable remains?”

The Team Behind ARC Raiders

The team working on ARC Raiders includes former Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront developers who have created a new game genre that looks to combine the best elements of co-op and PVP gameplay into an exciting sci-fi adventure.


When will ARC Raiders be released?

ARC Raiders’ release date has been pushed back from 2022 to 2023.

What is ARC Raiders?

ARC Raiders is a “PvPvE survival extraction shooter” that drops players onto a future Earth filled with danger and suspense.

What kind of gameplay can we expect from ARC Raiders?

Players will engage in fierce battles not only against powerful ARC machines, but also against other players who are competing for the same precious resources. Players must make complex decisions about who to trust and when to take risks in order to survive.

What inspired the shift from co-op PvP to PvPvE survival extraction shooter?

The implementation of a new PvP mode was so successful and enjoyable that it led to a fundamental change in the game’s genre.


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