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Apple’s Prehistoric Planet 2 features new feathery and ferocious creatures.


Ever since the debut of “The Blue Planet” more than two decades ago, the world has been living through a fruitful era of nature documentaries from the likes of the BBC and various streamers. The competition among these documentaries is extremely high, making it a daunting task to bring something new in the space. However, Apple TV+ managed to do the impossible by taking audiences back in time – 66 million years, to be exact.

The Return of “Prehistoric Planet”:
The show “Prehistoric Planet” had all the elements of a traditional wildlife documentary, featuring Sir David Attenborough’s reassuring voice, but it explored the lives of dinosaurs, making for a fully realized vision of the past that almost seemed real. The show was so successful that it is now returning for a sequel, “Prehistoric Planet 2”. While the new season does not change much from the previous one, it is introducing viewers to more (and often stranger) creatures, making it equally exhilarating.

A Week-long Event:
Prehistoric Planet 2″ is a weeklong event, with a new episode releasing every day starting on May 22nd. Each episode is built around a specific theme, such as swamps, oceans, or badlands, and offers a dramatized version of animal behavior. You will see babies being born, creatures hunting, and many mating rituals. The difference is that “Prehistoric Planet 2” is not based on real footage of animals; instead, it uses CG recreations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

The Classic Formula:
What makes “Prehistoric Planet 2” work is the classic formula that is structured similarly to big nature documentaries like “Planet Earth”. Therefore, it looks and sounds like a wildlife show that you have seen before. The creatures in this show are effective, making viewers believe that they are actually watching real animals on camera.

Expanding Beyond the Dinosaurs:
Despite featuring classic dinosaurs, the second season of “Prehistoric Planet” manages to balance the expected with detours into the stranger and lesser-known areas of prehistoric life. The second episode has a fascinating thread about a herd of Isisauras that raises their young in a crate surrounded by volcanic activity to keep them safe from predators. The show features flightless seabirds, 17-foot-long predatory fish, primitive ducks, and even swarms of millions and millions of flies.

Entertainment and Education:
“Prehistoric Planet 2” is more focused on entertainment than education, but it goes a step further than its predecessor in explaining some of the science behind the show. Season 1 ended with Attenborough directing viewers to a website where they could learn more, but this time around, experts explain how they know certain things, such as how gigantic flying reptiles hunted or how a whale-sized predator was able to move so fast.

“Prehistoric Planet 2” proves that the first season’s success was not only due to the novelty factor, but there are plenty of fascinating stories to explore 66 million years ago, and the best ones are perhaps the strangest. The new season offers a dramatized version of animal behavior, taking viewers on a journey filled with wild creatures and bizarre incidents.

Q. When does “Prehistoric Planet 2” begin streaming?
A. “Prehistoric Planet 2” starts streaming on Apple TV+ on May 22nd.

Q. Is “Prehistoric Planet 2” based on real footage of animals?
A. No, “Prehistoric Planet 2” uses CG recreations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Q. Can viewers learn about the science behind the show in “Prehistoric Planet 2”?
A. Yes, the show’s experts explain the science behind certain aspects in each episode.


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